“SHEMO” delivered to Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility (NCTRF)

Thermetrics is proud to have delivered the world’s first female immersion thermal manikin to Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility (NCTRF) in Natick, Massachusetts. NCTRF had recognized that most thermal manikin evaluation tools in use today are male body forms. They identified a growing need for female-specific garment testing instruments, and contacted Thermetrics for a solution.

Thermetrics took on the challenge and designed/manufactured an all-new female immersion thermal manikin we call “SHEMO”. At the NCTRF labs “SHEMO” joins two male immersion thermal manikins (“NEMO1” and “NEMO2”), and these three manikins work together to give the US Navy unequalled capabilities for evaluating the thermal properties of wet or dry suits, life rafts, marine survival gear, uniforms, and other protective or active wear clothing used by Navy personnel.

SHEMO is a 50th percentile Western Female body form with 21 independently controlled thermal zones. The manikin features a fully articulated aluminum shell with distributed heating elements and skin temperature sensors. Sealed joints and waterproof construction allows the manikin to be fully submerged up to 10 feet (3 meters). A sweating skin system provides volumetric flowrate control by manikin region, and is based on a matrix of pores over the active surface of the manikin with a removable fabric skin to distribute water over the manikin surface.

SHEMO expands NCTRF’s ability to conduct female-specific garment research and it comes in response to a trend that began accelerating in 2016 when all service branches opened combat jobs to women. In response to this historic decision the numbers of female soldiers and crew in the military services have rapidly increased. Women serving in Navy combat positions are no different than men in their need for climate-optimized active wear, survival suits, and other protective gear specific to the task at hand – but sized/designed specifically for the female body. With the “SHEMO” project Thermetrics is honored to have been given the opportunity to support our female troops.

The NCTRF family of Thermetrics thermal manikin instruments now includes the SHEMO, NEMO1, NEMO2 and Bo sweating thermal manikins, as well as thermal hand, foot, and head manikins.

Thermetrics LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Measurement Technology NW, is dedicated to the design and manufacture of a wide range of precision instruments to measure and evaluate the thermal comfort of textiles, garments, and protective apparel.  Our innovative Thermal and Automotive Manikins, Dry and Sweating Guarded Hotplates, and Radiant/Flame Test systems support all current industry test standards for thermal insulation, moisture permeability, and burn injury prediction.  For more information please contact us or go to:  www.thermetrics.com