Growth – A good problem to have

Measurement Technology NW staff photo
New people to work with, new projects to work on, a mad dash for parking spaces each morning – yes, Measurement Technology NW is definitely a busy, growing place.
In fact, sometime next week we will welcome aboard MTNW’s 40thteam member. We’re not sure where to put his desk, but we do know his engineering skills will quickly be put to good use. Thankfully there is no shortage of things to work on these days, and that happy fact is a clear testament to the company’s dedication to continuous product improvement and new product innovation - even during the down times.
That dedication is the main reason we now offer a new, state-of-the-art Flame Test Manikin system, smartly designed TPP and RPP test devices, an advanced physiological comfort model (ManikinPC2) for our Newton thermal manikins, and a new Integrated Chamber for the SGHP hotplate. Couple these high-profile achievements to a long list of “under the hood” refinements made to our existing lineup of thermal testing products and you can see that the growth we’re enjoying today is no accident.
So we’ll continue to invest in product innovation and improvement. We’ll accept the fact that growth is a very good problem to have. Somewhere, we’ll find room for another desk. And the new guy will have to fight for a parking space just like the rest of us.