Thermetrics Manikins Make a Powerful Case for Combining Measurements with Simulation

On March 29, 2017, Rick Burke and Derek Sears demonstrated the Thermetrics HVAC Automotive Manikin and STAN Seat Test Manikin systems as part of the Technical Session on Human Thermal Modeling and Measurement for Automotive Applications (2017 ThermoAnalytics Global UGM).

Their presentation included a technology overview, practical applications for the manikins and a demonstration on how to couple measurement results with simulation using TAITherm software with Human Thermal Module to provide more insight into end-user thermal response and comfort.

There was an overflow crowd of 30+ present for the entire session, and the manikins were informative hosts.  The STAN Seat Test Manikin was demonstrated on a new, OEM automotive luxury seat with active heating/cooling functions.  The manikin clearly identified heating and cooling rates at different seat settings, and also the spatial uniformity of the active functions.  A demonstration of the HVAC manikin was conducted using a heat lamp and fan to generate real-time transient events, and TAITherm software was used to perform the data analysis.

It was a powerful and eye-opening demo that highlighted the synergy between measurement and simulation.  By measuring true boundary conditions with precision manikins, the variability associated with human testing or the uncertainty of pure simulation can be avoided.  Using virtual simulation for data analysis of true boundary conditions translates the measurements into human subject-relevant thermal sensation and comfort ratings.