Thermetrics Blog

July 15,2009
For several months now we have been considering the pros and cons of launching an annual equipment service and training package that would be available to all MTNW thermal manikin and guarded hotplate owners.  The rationale (and value) driving this discussion is that regular maintenance helps prevent inopportune repair situations, while regular training leads to higher productivity from equipment operators. Read More
July 1,2009
Throughout MTNW’s website, visitors will see that Newton, Nemo, ADAM, STAN, and our other anthropometric systems are called "Thermal Manikins".   Hmmm, you say, why aren’t they called “Thermal Mannequins”? They’re the same thing, right? Read More
June 23,2009
2009-06-23 Last week was a high-mileage reminder that MTNW serves the global textile and human comfort testing communities. We found ourselves needing to be in three places at the same time: the ShanghaiTex trade show in Shanghai, China.... the Techtextil trade show in Frankfurt, Germany.... and the ASTM committee meetings in Vancouver, Canada. At ShanghaiTex (in combination with TEST Shanghai), MTNW was exhibiting a 26-zone sweating/walking Newton thermal manikin system and a SGHP-10.5 sweating guarded hotplate. Read More
June 3,2009
I’m very excited to be launching Measurement Technology NW’s official blog, and I hope that over time you’ll find its content to be interesting and useful. We have been working here in Seattle for almost 20 years, a bunch of geeks in an office, designing instruments that take the guesswork out of heat transfer measurements. Read More