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June 8,2016
When the first Newton thermal manikin was built back in 2001, for Loughborough University (UK), Thermetrics engineers had no idea Newton would be so… prolific.  Or so well-traveled.  In the short span of 15 years Newton installations have sprung up around the world, including the USA, Korea, Germany, France, Japan, China, Canada, Taiwan, Belgium, Portugal, Australia, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Lebanon, India, Russia, and of course England – where it all began. Read More
February 29,2016
ManikinPC (Manikin Physiology Control and Predictive Comfort) software is a closed-loop feedback control system for Newton thermal manikins Read More
February 29,2016
TPP sensor
Copper Slug Calorimeter Sensors combine high performance and fast delivery at a reasonable price. Thermetrics now offers its own line of accurate, readily available copper slug calorimeter sensors for the TPP, RPP, CCHR, and other thermal protection test devices. Read More
February 29,2016
Thermetrics Flame Manikin
Thermetrics installed Flame Test Manikins at CTT Group in Quebec, Canada, and SENAI-CETIQT, Brazil. Read More
November 3,2015
Washington State Congressman Derek Kilmer, Measurement Technology NW President and award recipient Tim O’Neill, World Trade Club President and Starbucks Customs Manager Robert Webster.
Measurement Technology NW was awarded Trader of the Year 2015 by the World Trade Club in October.   The World Trade Club award honors Washington State businesses that increase international sales and have a positive, measurable impact on growing Washington’s economy.  Awardees have demonstrated innovation, industry leadership, and contributions to the community. Read More
October 29,2015
Manikinalysis was a big success. In one day, we provided an overview of measurement and simulation tools and ran three separate experiments with the HVAC and STAN manikins.  Huge thanks to all attendees for their participation and great questions, and to our co-host ThermoAnalytics. Read More
October 23,2015
Thermetrics Thermal Hand System
A (very) simplified flowchart of the sales process for Thermetrics projects looks something like this:  And wait, and wait.  Sometimes the wait is blissfully short, sometimes it can drag on for years, and sometimes it defies all explanation.  Case in point: the recent sale of a Thermetrics 8-zone sweating Thermal Hand system to Ansell. Read More
October 9,2015
NASA brought a real spacesuit to display at their IFAI Expo booth.  That's some serious bling!   Over the years NASA has used Thermetrics manikins to test spacesuits.  Our one-of-a-kind "ADAM" 120-zone sweating, breathing thermal manikin has been a favored choice due to its ultra-high resolution and wireless/battery powered capability.   Read More