Thermetrics Blog

October 3,2014
Measurement Technology Northwest was featured in this U.S. Export-Import Bank small business success story. Read More
October 2,2014
Measurement Technology Northwest President Tim O'Neill welcomed producers from Evening Magazine to show them what we are doing in the Thermal Division.  The show aired October 1, 2014. Read More
September 29,2014
As you may recall from earlier announcements, MTNW had outgrown the 6,000 SF office and production facility we’ve called home since 2001, and the Thermal Division team was eagerly anticipating a move to our newly completed 15,000 SF building, conveniently located across the street. Read More
September 19,2014
Potlucks are a bit of a tradition here at Measurement Technology NW.  Most of the time they’re semi-organized affairs with a theme, like our recent “Comfort Food” or “Food-on-a-Stick” potlucks.  As the photo shows, these monthly company-wide gatherings are always well attended, fun, and filling. Read More
September 15,2014
Tim O'Neill is featured in this Seattle Times article discussing the importance of ExIm Bank. Read More
August 12,2014
Wherever Newton goes, people notice.  We designed the Newton thermal manikin system more for advanced functionality than attractiveness, but, you have to admit, Newton is rather eye-catching.  Could be that he’s frequently displayed naked, or maybe it’s the cables coming out of his eyes, but for whatever reason when we take him to trade shows he attracts more attention than flashing lights, trinkets, or free candy. Read More
July 7,2014
Rick Burke, VP MTNW - Thermal and Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell take a look at the production line.
Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell, Representative Jim McDermott and Representative Denny Heck visited Measurement Technology NW on Friday June 27th and held a press conference at our headquarters to call for reauthorization of the Export Import Bank.   Watch the news segment on our YouTube channel. Read More
May 19,2014
The ManikinPC software exchanges thermal data with a manikin and provides physiologically-based response over time.
Our partners at ThermoAnalytics wrote an article about MTNW’s thermal manikins and their integration with the RadTherm software. Read More