ADAM - Advanced Thermal Manikin

Originally developed in 2001 for the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Advanced Automotive Manikin (ADAM) remains the world's most advanced thermal comfort manikin and represents a true leap in technology for thermal manikin research. Subdivided into 120 individual porous metal sweating zones, ADAM was designed to evaluate the highly non-uniform and transient environments in vehicles and aircraft. The manikin mimics human responses such as sweating and breathing with incredible accuracy and responds rapidly to environmental changes.


  • Advanced porous metal sweating skin construction
  • Multiple high-accuracy thermistor sensors at each zone
  • 50th Percentile Western Male body form
  • High-resolution 120-zone configuration for unsurpassed data collection
  • Battery powered operation available
  • Wireless operation available
  • Internal breathing system available

All systems include a dedicated PC computer with ThermDAC software.


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