Advanced Hotplate

Hot Plates

When the University of Alberta asked Thermetrics to build a sweating hotplate system that would be capable of operating within a 50-150% atmospheric pressure range, and in ambient conditions as low as -40°C, and in orientations from 0-180°, we said we were up to the challenge. 

Thermetrics engineers responded by creating a unique SGHP design with downdraft (instead of lateral) airflow for maximum thermal accuracy across the entire sample, and contained it all within a stainless steel pressure vessel with rotating stand. Computer controlled external pumps provided water and airspace (pressure/vacuum) conditioning.

  • Custom Sweating Hotplate
  • Capable of Operating within a 50 -150% Atmopheric Pressure Range
  • Operates in Ambient Conditions of -40
  • Can Be Oriented from 0 to 180 Degrees
  • Downward Airflow Plenum for Maximum Thermal Accuracy


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