BO - Thermal Heat Pipe Manikin

Manufactured by Thermetrics in 1996 for US Navy researchers, "Bo" is a one-of-a-kind thermal manikin design that utilized sophisticated heat pipe technology to transfer heat to the skin surface for unparalleled surface temperature uniformity even under non-uniform heat fluxes.

Combined with a revolutionary porous metal sweating skin system developed specifically for this application, Bo represented a major advancement in thermal manikin technology and is still in everyday use at the NCTRF testing lab.

“Bo” even made the cover of National Geographic magazine!


  • Employs Heat Pipe Technology to Transfer Heat to the Skin
  • Temperature Uniformity to Within ±0.1 °C
  • Computer Based Graphical User Interface

The heat pipe technology used in Bo automatically delivers more heat to the regions with higher heat loss, maintaining surface temperature uniformity to within ±0.1 °C over the entire surface of the manikin.

When combined with Thermetrics' porous metal sweating skin, "Bo" can quantify the thermal and vapor properties of a clothing system with extreme accuracy.

All thermal and irrigation functions are controlled through a computer based graphical user interface and Thermetrics' modular electronic packages.


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