Custom Manikin Systems

Originally developed in 2001 for the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Advanced Automotive Manikin (ADAM) remains the world's most advanced thermal comfort manikin and represents a true leap in technology for... Read more
Manufactured by Thermetrics in 1996 for US Navy researchers, "Bo" is a one-of-a-kind thermal manikin design that utilized sophisticated heat pipe technology to transfer heat to the skin surface for unparalleled surface temperature uniformity even... Read more
When USARIEM's two aging copper manikins were facing obsolescence, Thermetrics devised a plan to retrofit the articulated "Uncle Wiggly" manikin (built in 1984) and the static "George" manikin (built in 1955) with new microprocessor-based thermal... Read more
An American motorcycle manufacturer was looking for a manikin to measure convective/radiated engine heat in order to evaluate rider comfort at various leg positions and motorcycle speeds. Because only legs were needed to conduct the desired tests, ... Read more
When the University of Alberta asked Thermetrics to build a sweating hotplate system that would be capable of operating within a 50-150% atmospheric pressure range, and in ambient conditions as low as -40°C, and in orientations from 0-180°, we said ... Read more