Dynamic Hotplate System

Thermetrics new Dynamic Hotplate System (DHS) is an exciting evolution in hotplate technology that—in addition to steady-state testing—allows for measurement of Rct and Ret in situations of positive or negative heat flux, and with far greater accuracy in dynamic transient environments.

The innovative sensor technology used in our Dynamic Hotplate System generates instantaneous surface heat-flux measurements, and as a result the new DHS hotplate can be used for evaluative PCM samples, tests of heated fabrics and pads, or for textile testing under sustained solar loads and elevated ambient temperatures (up to 50°C)!

The DHS-8.2 model features an 8” (20.3 cm) test plate with 2” (5 cm) guard. Other sizes and geometries are available – including multi-zone test plate designs.  

An integrated climate chamber is also available.

  • Meets ASTM D1518 and ASTM F1868 test requirements
  • 8” square test zone with lateral and lower thermal guards. Custom sizes are available, including multi-zone formats
  • Composite test plate and guard ring with ultra-stable resistance wire heating to ensure uniform heat flux
  • Two ambient temperature sensors and one relative humidity sensor
  • Microprocessor controlled fluid supply system precisely regulates flow volume for any sample
DHS technology is perfect for labs that need the ability to test small prototype swatches.  
An innovative multi-zone test plate design (pictured below) is available for samples ranging from 2.5" to 12" square.

DHS Multi-zone test plate design