Burn Chambers

Modular burn chambers are available for the Flame Test Manikin and Hand – each chamber features fire-proof construction, a computer controlled gas delivery and burner network, as well as ventilation, fire suppression, and safety systems.

Chamber designs include viewing windows and access doors. A video monitoring system is also available for safety and visual documentation of flame and garment response.

  • Self-contained, enclosed space built from metal-lined, flame retardant materials
  • Suitable for installation within a laboratory space or outdoors by adding protection from direct weathering
  • Supplied with pre-engineered ventilation system to supply oxygen for combustion, and to vent the heated chamber space after a burn.
  • Built-in safety sensors and interlocks to protect operators and equipment
  • Large viewing window in wall, and safety window in access door.

The chamber is sized to meet the ASTM F1930 standard’s minimum dimensions of 2.1 x 2.1 x 2.4 meters, to provide a uniform flame exposure and sufficient space for safe movement around the manikin for dressing without accidentally jarring and displacing the burners.

A properly sized forced air exhaust system permits rapid removal of combustion gas products and aids in cooling after the data acquisition period.

A system of propane gas piping, pressure regulators, valves, and pressure sensors are used to safely deliver gaseous fuel to the ignition system and exposure torches.

This delivery system is sufficient to provide a uniform heat flux of at least 2.0 cal/cm2·s (84 kW/m2) for an exposure time of at least 5 seconds.


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