Full Body Manikins

  The 35-zone ANDI Sweating Thermal Manikin is your key to advanced thermal comfort research. With exclusive features such as Dynamic Heatflux Sensing and Active Cooling, ANDI has the unrivaled ability to measure both positive and... Read more
“NEMO" is an advanced, fully immersible, 22-zone aluminum manikin with embedded heating and thermistor sensor elements. This completely waterproof, submersible, true-weight manikin is rated for immersion testing to depths of 10 feet (3 meters),... Read more
Introducing Thermetrics new Baby Thermal Manikin In late 2017 Thermetrics cutest thermal manikin was revealed to the world - an all-new 11-zone Baby sweating manikin model we affectionately named baby “Ruth”. The 11-zone Baby manikin is designed to... Read more
"Sonny" and "Timmy" Child Manikins
Thermetrics TWO Child Thermal Manikin models represent the average body dimensions of either an 8-year old child (we’ve named this one “Sonny”) or a 10-year old child (goes by the name “Timmy”). “... Read more
HVAC Manikin
The Automotive HVAC Automotive Manikin is a carbon-epoxy 50th percentile Western or Asian male body form fitted with high-accuracy surface-mounted sensors to evaluate the heating and air conditioning systems used in car, truck, or mass transit... Read more
"Newton" is a complete turn-key thermal manikin system used world-wide for a broad range of clothing and environmental testing. Newton was developed using advanced CAD digital modeling and is available as an articulated 50th percentile Western or... Read more
The “SIMON” thermal manikin system was built in accordance with ASTM and ISO standards including EN 13537 to meet the product evaluation needs of sleeping bag manufacturers and research/testing institutes. Simplified construction and modular control... Read more