Integrated Chamber for the SGHP-8.2 and SGHP-10.5

Our Integrated Chamber features insulated stainless steel interiors and an ergonomic design that provides operators with a comfortable working height of approximately 42" (107cm) above the floor. This compact environmental chamber for the SGHP-8.2 and SGHP-10.5 hotplates provided steady-state test conditions of 10°C to 40°C, at 30% to 70% RH - ideal for sweating hotplate tests per ISO 11092, ASTM F1868, and other test standards.


  • Chamber accommodates either the SGHP-8.2 or SGHP-10.5 sweating hotplate
  • Ideal for SGHP testing per ISO 11092, ASTM F1868 and other test standards
  • 10°C to 60°C temperature range, stable to 0.1°C
  • 30% to 70% humidity range, limited by dewpoint temperature
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Hotplate connection and plate adjustment points remain accessible at all times
  • All airflow conditioning equipment is located below the chamber workspace
  • The SGHP hotplate utilizes the chamber's water source for sweating tests, so a separate fluid reservoir is not necessary. Optional DI water filter systems are available

Built specifically for the SGHP hotplate, the Integrated Chamber design combines hotplate and chamber into one fully integrated unit. The hotplate is built into the chamber by way of a sealed lower flange, but its test plate can be lowered to floor level and covered with a protective plate if the chamber needs to be used for other lab purposes. Limited laboratory space? The Integrated Chamber's compact footprint is 40% smaller than competing models!

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