Thermal Manikin - Child - 10yo/8yo

Measure the thermal properties of children's clothing, accessories, and indoor environments

High technology in a child-size package

Researchers and testing labs now have the ability to evaluate children’s clothing using the same thermal comfort standards currently used for adult garment evaluation. The child thermal manikins were developed using advanced CAD digital modeling to meet the average body dimensions of an 8-year old or 10-year-old child. Both manikin systems feature a 16-zone thermal heating architecture and are available with our popular sweating skin and walking motion stand accessories.

Sonny's Specs

  • Same features and functionality as our adult “Newton” and “Liz” thermal manikin systems.
  •  16 thermal zones (both models)
  • Computerized fluid delivery and wicking fabric skin layer
  • Maximum power output: 700 W/m2

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