ANDI Thermal Manikin System

  The 35-zone ANDI Sweating Thermal Manikin is your key to advanced thermal comfort research. With exclusive features such as Dynamic Heatflux Sensing and Active Cooling, ANDI has the unrivaled ability to measure both positive and... Read more
Provides volumetric control of sweat rate, selectable by manikin zone or region. A network of pores over the surface of the manikin are spaced to uniformly deliver water to the skin surface, where a removable wicking fabric skin layer evenly.... Read more
ManikinPC Human Comfort Software
  The ManikinPC thermoregulatory model allows users to control Newton at variable activity levels that simulate the human metabolism while sleeping, resting, working, or exercising.  Any level of activity can be input and appropriate metabolic... Read more
Newton’s breathing system consists of pneumatic cylinders that are cycled in and out by a linear actuator to replicate the cycle, frequency, and volume of human breathing. Two pneumatic cylinders linked to a servo linear actuator replicate the... Read more
Walking stand for thermal manikin.
Roll-around stand with integrated winch for manikin transport, dressing, and posing. Provides a realistic walking motion for EN 342 testing, with speeds of 0-55 double-steps (about 0-70 meters) per minute. Roll-around stand with integrated winch... Read more