STAN- Seat Test Automotive Manikin

The 8-zone STAN seat test manikin was created to evaluate the thermal comfort and moisture management properties of automobile, truck, airplane, and mass transit seating. STAN is a 50th percentile carbon-epoxy back + buttock/thigh thermal manikin that is patterned after the SAE J826 HPM-II design in order to provide compatibility with existing automotive seat positioning methods.  

For passive seats, use STAN to precisely measure heat and moisture exchange. Heated seat evaluations are based on actual energy transfer, not just surface temperature, and (when equipped with optional sweating skin system) realistic perspiration levels also allow for accurate assessment of cooled/ventilated seats.

Twelve weight bars - 3kg each - are provided to allow control of seat compression rates, and two levels of lumbar adjustments can be used to vary the amount and location of seat contact.  All STAN systems include a dedicated PC computer with ThermDAC control software.

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