Radiant Protective Performance Test Device

Measure and predict the time to second-degree burns following radiant heat exposure to composite fabric systems.

Measure a fabric’s ability to block radiant heat energy

The Radiant Protective Performance (RPP) device measures and predicts the time elapsed for radiant heat to penetrate through a protective composite fabric sample. Test results are automatically compared to the Empirical Performance Curve (also known the Stoll Curve), which predicts a second degree burn to human skin as a function of heat and time. The point of intersection between these two curves provides the composite fabric’s protective rating.

Compact and portable, manual or automatic operation

The RPP device includes a 5-bulb quartz infrared heat lamp assembly, a pneumatically actuated water-cooled shutter, two thermocouple inputs, software safety interlocks, and an integrated sensor cooling stand quickly prepares its sensor for next test. Two snap-on, snap-off sample assemblies are included for fast and easy setup and improved testing throughput. All RPP Test devices come with come with laptop PC and ThermDAC Burn Model software, which processes sensor data and calculates the degree of predicted burn injury.


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