Case Studies

Thermetrics Case Studies

Thermetrics equipment installed at the Apparel Innovation Centre in Canada In May 2014 the Olds College Apparel Innovation Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada was awarded funding that enabled the College, in collaboration with... Read more
Thermetrics Radiant Protective Performance Test Device installed at Norfab
Norfab Corporation, Norristown, Pennsylvania (parent company Amatex) is a privately-held company that specializes in the manufacture of high performance textile products used in safety and protective clothing applications. Their primary customers... Read more
Custom 32-zone Newton thermal manikin to evaluate thermal comfort of climate control systems in buildings  The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) is an independent institute of the Czech Technical University in... Read more
Thermetrics Newton 34-zone Thermal Manikin System for CDC/NIOSH
CDC/NIOSH Acquires Newton 34-zone Thermal Manikin System  In 2010 the CDC National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (CDC/NIOSH) in Pittsburg, USA acquired a 34-zone Thermetrics Newton sweating thermal manikin for assessing... Read more
Elliptical Walking Motion capability now available for Newton manikins. For a specialized US Army research project that required a more natural manikin walking motion technology, Thermetrics engineers designed and built a 20-zone Newton thermal... Read more
    Newton Reveals His Feminine Side   Thermetrics' advanced “Newton” thermal manikin system was designed as a 50th percentile male body form, but now, thanks to customer requests and Thermetrics' creative engineering team, select... Read more
Automotive seats represent the largest direct contact area between the driver/passenger and a vehicle. Because of this high level of interaction, seat ergonomics and comfort have become increasingly important factors when a customer is considering a... Read more
When your mission is to make the best fire-fighting protective gear on earth, you need to pay attention to some serious details - fabric heat protection, moisture transmission, flexibility, durability, and weight are just some of the safety... Read more
Research at Loughborough University's Human Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre focuses on the impact of heat and cold on human comfort and performance - particularly in high activity areas such as firefighting, steel foundries, cold storage,... Read more
Thermetrics (Seattle, Washington), is pleased to announce the installation and commissioning of a sophisticated Flame Test Manikin and Burn Chamber system at Donghua University in Shanghai, China. What makes the system so advanced? First, the... Read more