Past Newsletters

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Newton used in automotive tests- new physiological control mode; MTNW partners with Mesdan Lab in Europe; Fiat continues to use MTNW's STAN- seat test; and more inside!   Read more
Flame test manikin and burn chamber; Elliptical Motion Stand for Newton; breast cover piece for Newton to test female garments; USARIEM celebrates 50th year; and more inside!   Read more
Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) and Radiant Protective Performance (RPP) test systems now available; new Integrated Chamber & Thermal Child Manikin; MIST System at NC State; Manikin PC2 Software; and more inside!   Read more
8I3M conference news; US Army's IPEMS Phase 1 robotic mannequin with Midwest Research Institute, Boston Dynamics, Smith Carter CUH2A and HHI Corp complete; manikins used for comfort studies; and more inside!   Read more
Human Comfort Model for Newton capable of evaluating thermal comfort within complex microclimate conditions; New flame testing equipment announced, withstands multiple flame sources up to 1800 degrees celsius; and more inside!   Read more
STAN manikin for auto/truck/train/aircraft seat testing announced; improvements to software announced "recognized as the most sophisticated software available for manikin control and data anlysis"; and more inside!   Read more
Waterproof and sweating features meet NEMO, our fully submersible manikin; First review of a breathing Newton manikin- University of Michigan; MTNW agents now in the Pacific Rim, as well as other agent news; and more inside! Read more
Manikin sweating skin system based on a matrix of fluid ports available for Newton; Sweating guarded hotplate (SGHP) capability achieved through unique porous wicking assembly; and more inside!     Read more
ThermDAC software news; Newton is off to Seoul National University; new life for older hot plates; and more inside!   Read more
New thermal manikin body forms-Asian male and Western female; 8 years later, "Bo" is still one-of-a-kind; Newton goes to work for the EPA; and more inside!   Read more