Newton’s ManikinPC physiological (Human Comfort) software update

ManikinPC (Manikin Physiology Control and Predictive Comfort) software is a closed-loop feedback control system for Newton thermal manikins that accurately mimics the human thermoregulatory system and provides metrics for comfort and sensation.  In fact, any level of activity can be input and appropriate metabolic wattages will be imposed onto the manikin.

At the core of ManikinPC is a sophisticated Human Thermal Module that has just become even more powerful.  The new release (announced on January 26th by our partner, ThermoAnalytics) contains three advanced updates.  The module now includes female physiology, which allows designers to test garments for all audiences and gain further insights into human comfort.  Male physiology has also been upgraded to correlate more accurately with modern data.  This newest version of ManikinPC also features a novel blood flow model that allows for tracking blood flow between different body segments, benefiting those who want to track heat transfer paths using only localized heating or cooling.

So ManikinPC is now an even more valuable addition to our Newton thermal manikin systems!  

  • Add real-time thermoregulation to new or existing Newton Thermal Manikin systems.
  • Permits variable activity levels that mimic the human metabolism while sleeping, resting, working, or exercising, and accurately simulates physiological responses over time.
  • Predicts blood flow rates, perspiration rates, and core body temperature.
  • Computes indexes for local and whole body thermal sensation and thermal comfort.
  • Supports transient analysis for changing environments and activity levels.