Custom Testing Solutions and Thermal Testing Services

Thermetrics makes thermal testing systems customized to you

Custom Testing Solutions

Almost as easy as 1-2-3. Our team of engineers and designers are here to create thermal testing systems customized to your needs.


Connect with us

Give us a call, and let’s explore your thermal testing requirements. We’ll get to know your exact research parameters and partner with you to achieve your goals.



Create your solution

Our engineers will work with you to identify or create thermal testing instruments tailored to your needs. From turnkey systems that meet the highest test standards to custom thermal solutions designed to your exact requirements, Thermetrics can help accelerate your research.


Prove your work

Shouldn’t research work launch you forward? Ask, test, answer, and excel with precision thermal testing instruments you can trust.

Explore the possibilities

See what Thermetrics can do for you. Custom thermal systems, hotplates, and manikins are designed to improve your thermal comfort research.

Getting started with your custom product

Thermetrics is ready to answer your questions, provide clear instructions and support for setup and usage, and continue to walk with you for through the life of your project.

Trusted brands trust us

You work too hard to leave anything to chance. Rely on industry-leading biophysical testing instruments from Thermetrics.


You design diagnostic and treatment equipment that needs to measure up to the most rigorous thermal testing standards. We help you make sure patient comfort and safety is never compromised.

Garment and Personal Protective Equipment Testing

You need to know that your apparel and PPE lives up to its comfort and protective promises. We provide biophysical testing instruments that give you the info you need.

Automotive & Aerospace

Your products push the limits of industrial ingenuity and technology, but they also need to promote physical comfort and safety for their users. We give you the thermal test tools you need to excel.

Universities and Research Institutions

You’re pushing science forward and shaping the future of human comfort and protection. Having functional, flexible technology that can test your hypotheses and yield accurate results is essential. We create testing solutions you can count on.

Respiratory and Aerosol Studies

You need to accurately track particle and contaminant transmission rates in a given situation. We equip you with biophysical instruments that simulate the human respiratory experience and help you get reliable, repeatable results.

Building Environments

You want to find out how HVAC systems and interior environments impact human physiology, so you can design greener, more energy efficient buildings. We make tools that allow you to measure biophysical responses to inside spaces.

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    We make life more comfortable

    In today’s competitive world, companies with compelling messages have a powerful advantage. Your end consumer wants to know, on a more personal level, how a garment will perform for them. Will I be comfortable? Will I stay protected?


    To answer these questions, you need proof that your garments measure up to your thermal performance claims, and that proof requires precision thermal testing instruments that capture data on a human level.


    Thermal testing on a human level

    Thermetrics develops products that lead to improved human comfort. Our biophysical testing instruments simulate the human thermoregulatory system and measure even the slightest changes in temperature – providing precise, repeatable data for thermal comfort calculations.