Flame Test Manikins

This innovative benchtop instrument is designed to provide effective 3D sample evaluation and to bridge the gap between flat-specimen TPP testing and full-garment Flame Manikin tests. The Flash Fire Cylinder developed by Thermetrics® provides an... Read more
The advanced Flame Test Manikin features a fully articulated, non-degrading, ceramic-composite body form with integrated sensors, control electronics, computational burn model and computer as a complete turn-key package, allowing the operator to... Read more
The Flame Test Hand is built from a high temperature, non-degrading, ceramic-composite material with machined, integrated mounting locations for 9 calorimeter sensors.  Fingers can be specified as permanently attached or removable, and an... Read more
Modular burn chambers are available for the Flame Test Manikin and Hand – each chamber features fire-proof construction, a computer controlled gas delivery and burner network, as well as ventilation, fire suppression, and safety systems. Chamber... Read more