We make life more comfortable

For first responders that keep our communities safe

We make life more comfortable

For researchers on the frontlines of disease and treatment

We make life more comfortable

For firefighters who bravely put their lives on the line

We make life more comfortable

For heroes at home and abroad

We make life more comfortable

For explorers in the most extreme of environments

We make life more comfortable

For everyday living in a busy world

Experience Comfort and Security at Every Degree

Thermetrics protects everyday heroes and explorers from extreme hot and cold conditions, wherever life takes them.


Our industry-leading biophysical testing instruments allow us to simulate environments of any temperature and provide precise, repeatable data for optimal thermal comfort.


By developing and testing products that withstand the world’s most extreme conditions, we make life more comfortable.


Experience the multiple dimensions of Thermetrics test instruments on our Testing Continuums:


Thermal Protection Continuum


Thermal and Moisture Management Continuum 

Thermal Measurement Tech at a Human Level

Whether you’re creating garments for a firefighter courageously rushing into a blazing building, an intrepid explorer pioneering new heights, or a runner pushing for a new PR, your products need to meet and exceed consumer expectations.


Our industry-leading thermal measuring instruments and product development expertise enables you to:

  1. Test your hypotheses
  2. Perfect your product
  3. Excel in your industry

By using science, we ensure human comfort and safety in all types of environments. Whether hot, cold, or even contaminated, we’ve got you covered.


Get the answers you need from testing equipment you can trust.

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A photo of the exposed, open back of a robot. There are dozens of visible wires visible.

A huge thank you to Wired UK for highlighting the important and sweaty work our thermal manikin ANDI is doing to help keep us cool in our increasingly-warm world. 
Of Andi and our fleet of thermal technology, Thermetrics president and engineering manager Rick Burke shares: “People are everywhere, and there are billions of dollars in capital trying to figure out how to keep people safe, comfortable, and fashionable—and all those things have a link to the human thermal environment.”