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From Concept to Comfort

Many companies take a minimalist approach to textile and garment testing. They simply focus on meeting the relevant ASTM and ISO standards. But today’s customer is looking for so much more than that. They want to know, on a more personal level, how a garment will perform for them.

  • Will I be comfortable?
  • Will I stay protected?
  • Will this product perform as promised?

In today’s competitive world, companies with compelling messages have a powerful advantage. And thermal performance claims are nothing without tried and tested proof. So it’s time to get that proof. How can we help you tell your story?

Advanced Thermal Measurement Technology that Tells Your Story

Textile and garment testing creates more than data points to checkmark a requirements box. Testing provides the supporting framework for a story of interaction between the user and the garment. A confident prediction of thermal comfort and performance that your customers need to hear.


Thermetrics designs industry-leading precision thermal measuring instruments for every textile testing need. Our thermal manikins and guarded hotplates mimic human physiology and empower you to:

  • Perfect your products.
  • Test your hypotheses.
  • Tell your story.

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The upcoming events and trade show schedule for Thermetrics includes:

  • ECPC: 9th European Conference on Protective Clothing Stuttgart, Germany, May 10-12, 2021
  • Techtextil North America: August 23–25, 2021 in Raleigh, North Carolina