Flash Fire Cylinder

A bench-top textile fire retardant testing cylinder.

Bridging specimen and full garment flame testing

The Flash Fire Cylinder, developed and available exclusively from Thermetrics, provides a bridge between flat-specimen testing and the full garment tests performed on a Flame manikin. Operators can use the device to quickly screen a wide range of samples and identify the most promising materials suitable for more comprehensive testing as complete garments. Flash Fire Cylinder tests also give operators the means to observe and measure the heat-transfer impacts of material shrinkage and compression.

Eight-torch design with a fireproof test cylinder

Developed using an adjustable multi-torch (4 x 2) design, the FFC exposes fabric samples to a uniform 360° flash-fire heat source. The central test cylinder is constructed using a fireproof ceramic composite shell containing 15 evenly spaced copper calorimeter sensors. Thermetrics Flash Fire Cylinder systems are complete packages that include computer and our proprietary ThermDAC control software with Burn Model, which processes sensor data and calculates the predicted degree of burn injury.

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