Thermetrics showcases the value of its Flash Fire Cylinder at ECPC 2021

Partnering with PBI Performance Products Development Engineer Josh Ingram, Thermetrics President Rick Burke delivered a talk, “Development and Validation of a Bench-ScaleFlash Fire Materials Tester” at the 9th European Conference on Protective Clothing held in May 2021.

During the presentation, Burke and Ingram covered the “missing dimension” in flame exposure testing. The standard across the globe is testing flat fabric samples which only considers one dimension—the alternative testing method being a flash fire manikin, which provides data for three dimensions, but is very expensive. Enter the Flash Fire Cylinder (FFC) which is an excellent intermediate testing step.

The benefits of the Thermetrics FFC are many: 

  • Compact for use in existing lab environments—fits in any standard lab hood
  • Integrated, robust safety precautions for test operators
  • Incorporates an industry-recognized sensor design for proven accuracy
  • Have the ability to test materials at bench scale before going to full-scale manikin tests
  • With the cylinder form of the FFC, you can see the effects of dimensional changes in the material under very controlled conditions
Flash Fire Cylinder Fills the Gap - 2 dimensions

For more information about the Thermetrics Flash Fire Cylinder, please contact Thermetrics.