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Experimentation is the heartbeat of scientific research. It’s the art of asking questions, testing assumptions, and finding answers (along with new questions too!).


But asking the right questions is just part of the journey. Innovative research calls for innovative tools that allow researchers explore new ways to test their assumptions and uncover potential solutions. That’s where our team at Thermetrics comes alive. Our business began with a challenge to create custom thermal testing equipment, and we continue to embrace new challenges today.

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Every problem has a solution, and Thermetrics is your experienced choice for industry-leading custom thermal research solutions. We develop innovative systems that bring new data collection and thermal analysis capabilities to the textile world. Simply put, our engineers love a challenge, and it would be an honor to create a customized solution for your research needs.


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Advanced thermal manikins are life-saving tools for developers of everything from military-grade protective equipment to children’s sleepwear. Here’s how manikins have provided solutions to testing needs for more than 80 years.


One-dimensional guarded-ring flat plates and three-dimensional heated cylinders were industry standard.


Dr. Harwood Belding develops the first thermal testing apparatus with a human silhouette. During World War II, Belding and fellow scientists study flaws in US Army gear and develop the basis for today’s scientific study of protective clothing.


Thermal manikin research reveals that the highly curved surfaces of the human body created a complex and dynamic microclimate between the clothing and skin surface.


Research focuses on protective clothing’s resistance to the transport of water vapor and its impact on soldier performance. Researchers develop the first “sweating” manikin to measure the “breathability” of protective clothing.


New studies lead to the development of a pumping coefficient (‘p’) that described the effects of wearer-generated air motion on the thermal and water vapor resistances of clothing.


The U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine develops an articulated thermal manikin with 19 distinct heating zones. This manikin simulates the bodily movements required for walking and running.

1990s – PRESENT

Thermal manikins evolve within the U.S. military as a direct result of the need to provide better equipment in an increasing variety of environmental zones of operation.


Your custom thermal manikin provides solutions for your unique testing and research needs.

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