Newton Thermal Manikin

Thermal manikin designed for clothing and environmental testing.

Full body manikin for enhanced garment testing

The Newton garment test manikin is designed in accordance with ASTM and ISO standards to meet garment evaluation research needs. It provides data to users researching apparel and outdoor gear. While our standard 30-zone model satisfies the general garment or environmental testing needs, Newton can be customized for faster transient response, greater ambient range, or fitted for other research capabilities. Additionally, the Newton thermal manikin also has the option for a sweating system, with fluid distribution system, reservoir, and wicking fabric skin layer for even greater flexibility in the testing environment.

Articulated joints and embedded elements for added usability

Constructed using 3D CAD modeling and a thermally conductive carbon-epoxy shell with embedded heating and sensor wire elements, Thermetrics's Newton thermal garment test manikin is fully articulated, providing motion at the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles for a variety of poses. All Thermetrics Newton manikins come with a Dell laptop PC with ThermDAC Control Software, providing full device control, fault detection, data logging and analysis capabilities.

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