Flame Test Manikin

Test the performance of garments or protective clothing ensembles in a simulated flash fire environment.

Test protective garment performance

The advanced Flame Test Manikin (Burnie) provides accurate, repeatable measurements of the performance of garments or protective clothing ensembles in a simulated flash fire environment. Thermetrics innovative copper calorimeter heat-flux sensors (126) are integrated into the manikin shell for protection against damage and as per ISO 13506 the manikin is pre-posed and jointed at the shoulders only. Cable connections and manikin support are achieved via a rugged mounting bracket located at the back of the neck for easy dressing and undressing of the manikin.

Simulate flash fire environments

The Burnie Flame Test manikin shell is constructed from a unique ceramic composite material that is completely fireproof and will not degrade with use.


A modular burn chamber can also be provided that features fireproof construction, a PLC controlled gas delivery and burner network, as well as ventilation and fire safety systems. The chamber includes large viewing windows and a 12-torch burner array.


All systems utilize our proprietary ThermDAC control software with Burn Model, which sets test parameters and incorporates data logging, real time statistics/graphing, and data analysis to automatically process sensor data and calculate the degree and total area of predicted burn injury.

Burnie’s docs and resources

Burnie’s tech specs

  • 126 precision calorimeter heat sensors measure the incident heat flux over a range from 0.0 to 4.0 cal/cm2•s (167 kW/m2).
  • A hand-held heat flux gun with NIST traceable reference sensor is provided for in-situ calibration of the manikin’s sensors.
  • Complies with ASTM F1930, ISO 13506, NFPA 1971, NFPA 2112.
  • For more technical information, view the product spec sheet.

Teams who work with Burnie

North Carolina State University RMIT University Donghua University Tsinghua University


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