Modular Burn Chamber

Visually document flame and garment response.

Self-contained burn chamber for flash fire testing

The modular burn chamber is an indoor/outdoor self-contained enclosure that features fire-proof construction, a computer-controlled gas delivery and burner network, as well as ventilation, fire suppression, and operator safety systems. Chamber components are highly interlocked and automated. Operator safety features are integrated with the torch controls and are in coordination with the ventilation system to prevent buildup of explosive gases and quickly ventilate the chamber after a burn cycle is completed.

A complete flame test research unit

Available with the Thermetrics Flame Test manikin or as a stand-alone system, the modular burn chamber dimensions are approximately 4.9 x 4.6 x 3.2 meters high. Actual dimensions may vary based on site location. A system of propane/LPG gas piping, pressure regulators, valves, and pressure sensors will be provided to safely deliver gaseous fuel to the ignition system and exposure torches. Large viewing windows make it easy to observe the status of in-progress tests, and the chamber’s ventilation system includes mesh screens to remove soot and particulates from the exhaust airstream.

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