Flame Test Hand

Predict burn injury risk and assess the performance of protective gloves

Sensorized hand form for FR glove testing

The Flame Test Hand is built from a high temperature, non-degrading, ceramic-composite material with integrated mounting locations for flame exposure sensors.


Copper disc calorimeter heat sensors are used to measure heat exposure levels. Typical sensor configurations include nine (9) sensors distributed over the hand form. Thermetrics copper disc sensors have been designed to match human skin response and they do not degrade with use like epoxy-coated thermocouples which require frequent recalibration and replacement.


The Flame Test Hand system can be ordered separately or in combination with the Thermetrics Flash Fire Cylinder device. When paired with the Flash Fire Cylinder, the sensorized hand form and the instrumented cylinder are designed as interchangeable units.

Predict product viability and safety

During testing, the Flame Hand sensors record the total energy transmitted and recorded to predict whether a second-degree burn injury will occur, and if so, the time until the injury will be reported. All systems come with laptop PC and ThermDAC Burn Model software, which processes sensor data and calculates the degree and total area of predicted burn injury, along with data logging, real time statistics and data analysis, plus diagnostic and calibration functions.

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