Liz Female Thermal Manikin

Thermal manikin designed for clothing and environmental testing on the female form.

Full-body female thermal manikin for enhanced garment testing

If you’re in the business of developing performance wear or protective apparel for women; a lab that does testing of these products; or a government or university research institute that establishes worker safety guidelines, we would like to introduce you to the newest member of our thermal manikin family—Liz. Incorporating a female manikin into your testing regimen means performance wear designed for women can now be tested on a female form, generating more realistic garment properties and thermal comfort data more applicable to the actual end-user.

About Liz

Based on input directly from our customers, and with a clear understanding of their needs, Thermetrics engineers designed the Liz thermal manikin using 3D CAD modeling processes and actual female body scans for realistic morphology. Her precision thermoregulation and sweating systems are based on proven technologies from our widely used Newton manikin. All Liz manikin systems include:

  • Thermally conductive carbon-epoxy shell with embedded heating and sensor wire elements and 30 independent thermal zones*
  • Body morphology based on 50th percentile Westerns female measurements
  • Precision sweating skin system proven by over two decades of experience with manikin applications worldwide
  • Articulated joints enabling motion at the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles for a variety of poses
  • Integration with our flexible, user-friendly ThermDAC software to provide full device control, graphical data display, and dynamic data analysis and logging
  • ManikinPC integration with female thermoregulation and comfort prediction so Liz can more realistically represent human subjects in real-time

*Our standard 30-zone model has been optimized for garment and environmental testing needs, but Liz can also be customized for pretty much any application you can dream up. This could include different manikin support or cable connections, alternate segmentation, wider operating range, additional sensors, or whatever else your research might need.


Contact us today to place an order or to let us know if you’re interested in renting a female manikin system. Also, visit the blog to see how Nike's using Liz at the LeBron James Innovation Center. We don’t have Liz in our rental program yet, but once there is enough interest we can make that happen!


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