Liz Female Thermal Manikin

Thermal manikin designed for clothing and environmental testing on the female form.

Full-body female thermal manikin for enhanced garment testing

If you’re in the business of developing performance wear or protective apparel for women; a lab that does testing of these products; or a government or university research institute that establishes worker safety guidelines, we would like to introduce you to the newest member of our thermal manikin family—Liz. Incorporating a female manikin into your testing regimen means performance wear designed for women can now be tested on a female form, generating more realistic garment properties and thermal comfort data more applicable to the actual end-user.

  • Female body form height: 5 ft. 5 in. (167 cm)
  • Features 30 independent thermal zones
  • Maximum power output: 700 W/m2 

Test methods supported

  • ASTM F1291
  • ASTM F1720
  • ASTM F2370
  • ASTM F2371
  • ASTM F2732
  • EN 13537
  • EN 342 (requires walking stand)
  • ISO 15831
  • ISO 23537 (Part 1)


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