Automotive HVAC Manikin

Measure passenger comfort and environmental conditions in automobile and transit cabins.

Improve heating and air for transport vehicles

The Automotive HVAC Manikin has been built to evaluate the heating and air conditioning systems used in car, truck, or mass transit passenger cabins. The automotive manikin system is jointed at the shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, and ankles, and each manikin separates at the waist and neck for easy insertion into any vehicle, and hands are mitten-shaped, with a curved, gripping design to allow for proper positioning onto the vehicle steering wheel.

Rich data points for better research

A matrix of sensors measure air velocity, air temperature, radiant heat flux, and relative humidity, providing rich data points. The Thermetrics automotive HVAC manikin system includes manikin, PC computer, sensors, control electronics with wireless communication capability, and data logging software to provide clear, useable information to move any product testing forward.

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