Thermal Hand Test System

Research the effects of glove design, insulation, and ventilation.

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The Thermal Hand manikin provides accurate measurements for all types of hand wear. Glove performance and properties can be determined without the variation inherent in human test subjects. Through precise measurement of heat loss, the Thermetrics Thermal Hand is capable of quantifying the effects of glove design, insulation, and ventilation, and is built to reliably perform test sequences according to EN 511 in environmental conditions ranging from -20°C to +50°C.

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The Thermal Hand manikin system is available in both dry and sweating versions. The sweating hand model includes a removable wicking fabric skin and computer-controlled fluid metering system. The hand model (US Male, Medium size) features a realistic posture matching the human hand at rest, with sufficient space between fingers and an articulated thumb that allows gloves to be easily fitted.

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