ANDI Thermal Simulation Manikin

Simulate human physiology and test garments for heat loss and gain.

The world’s most advanced thermal manikin

Environments are changing and garment technology is evolving. Our ANDI manikin was developed specifically to take on these challenges. Building on proven Thermetrics manikin technology, ANDI has the unrivaled ability to support advanced thermal protection and comfort research, including measurement of heat loss and heat gain, while adeptly responding to changing environmental conditions.

  • Dynamic Heat flux Sensing provides real-time measurements of heat loss and gain
  • Features 35 independent thermal zones
  • Maximum heating output: 1,000 W/m2
  • Continuous heat removal capacity: 350 W/m2

Test methods supported

  • ASTM F1291
  • ASTM F1720
  • ASTM F2370
  • ASTM F2371
  • ASTM F2732
  • EN 13537
  • EN 342 (requires walking stand)
  • ISO 15831
  • ISO 23537 (Part 1)

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