Hotplate - Dynamic - Sweating - Integrated - (iSDHP)

The next step in sweating hotplate technology

Test prototype swatches for positive and negative heat-flux measurements

Thermetrics Integrated Sweating Dynamic Hotplate (iSDHP) is an exciting evolution in hotplate technology that allows for measurement of Rct and Ret in situations of positive or negative heat flux, and with far greater accuracy in dynamic (transient) environments.

The innovative dynamic sensor technology used in our iSDHP generates instantaneous surface heat-flux measurements, and as a result this instrument can be used for evaluating phase change materials (PCM) tests of heated fabrics and pads, or for textile testing under sustained solar loads and elevated ambient temperatures (up to 50°C)!

  • Composite test plate and guard ring with ultra-stable resistance wire heating to ensure uniform heat flux
  • Dynamic heat flux sensing capable of positive/negative heat flux in real time
  • Backside cooling - Allows you to go into higher heat loads

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