Drying Rate Tester 201

Measure and assess key moisture management features of your textiles with precision and ease.

Why the DRT201?

Thermetrics engineers approached the design of the Drying Rate Tester 201 (DRT-201) with a thorough understanding of the AATCC 201 standard, knowing repeatability of the drying rate tests requires precision airflow control. By applying 20+ years of experience developing uniform airflow and heated plate technology for guarded hotplate systems, Thermetrics was well-positioned to not only meet AATCC 201 requirements, but exceed them. 

With our DR-201 you can expect:

  • Superior temperature uniformity. Unlike other devices that may use bronze or aluminum for their test plates, Thermetrics uses electronics-grade copper for the heated plate—a superior and uniform conductor of heat. Better materials = better results
  • Fluid delivery precision. Thanks to a computerized syringe pump, you can expect consistent, repeatable delivery of 200 microliters of water to your sample every time—that’s just 4% of a teaspoon
  • Airflow control. The precision-engineered airflow geometry of the DRT-201, coupled with our precise tuning ability, provides consistent results over a range of ambient lab conditions

Nike approved use of the Thermetrics DRT201 in all of its accredited apparel testing labs, recognizing its superior precision.

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