Baby Thermal Manikin

Test thermal comfort properties of infant clothing and gear.

Create safer, more thermally comfortable baby products

The 11-zone “Baby Ruth” thermal manikin is approximately the size of a 9-month old child. As with all Thermetrics manikin models, the baby thermal manikin is constructed from a thermally conductive carbon-epoxy shell with internal resistance wire heater elements and precision skin temperature sensors. Range of motion has been enhanced through the use of spherical ball joints at the neck, shoulders, and hips, with single-flexure joints at the knees and elbows.

Full range of testing abilities in a baby-sized package

Miniaturized components and innovative bundling techniques were necessary to achieve the level of performance found in this newest member of the Thermetrics family. Thanks to these key developments the “Baby Ruth” manikin can be used to simulate human infant physiology and makes it possible to evaluate the thermal comfort properties of baby clothing, diapers, wearable gear, bedding, and carriers - including car seats and strollers.

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