Thermal Head Test System: Heat Loss Measuring Device

Put helmets and headwear to the test by accurately measuring heat loss.

Reliable, repeatable headwear testing

The Thermal Head Manikin can be used to generate accurate test measurements for all types of helmets and headwear. Through precise measurement of heat loss, the thermal head manikin is capable of quantifying the effects of product design, insulation, and ventilation - with highly repeatable accuracy - and it is built to reliably perform testing sequences in environmental conditions ranging from -20°C to +50°C. Zone segmentation is designed to isolate key regions of the head which are affected by clothing or have significantly different heat loss characteristics, such as the forehead, scalp, and neck.

One head, many uses

Standard 9-zone segmentation is also well-suited for testing masks, respirators, protective eyewear, earwear, even VR headsets. The Thermal Head Manikin system is available in dry or sweating skin models, and the external breathing option adds a breathing manifold behind the manikin face which allows for breathing through the nose, or mouth, or any nose/mouth combination, making the Thermal Head a true a multi-tasking marvel. Systems include a Dell laptop PC with ThermDAC control software, providing full device control, fault detection, data logging and analysis capabilities.

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