Thermal Manikin - Automotive - Seat Test - STAN

Test thermal comfort and moisture management characteristics of automobile, truck, office, and airplane seating

Passive or active, heated or cooled, STAN measures it

The STAN thermal seat test manikin was created to evaluate the thermal comfort and moisture management properties of automobile, truck, airplane, and mass transit seating. STAN contains eight independently controlled thermal zones with integrated backside cooling and (optional) sweating skin system to simulate metabolic heat and perspiration levels.


  • Active cooling technology integrated into the manikin shell, analogous to blood flow in a human, provides the capability to measure heated seats without overheating the manikin
  • Dynamic Heatflux Sensor (DHS) integrated into STAN’s eight thermal regions measures transient energy exchange between skin and seat surface
  • Sweating skin system available, with comput-er-controlled fluid flow and wicking fabric skin

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