Our 25th Anniversary!

Measurement Technology NW, founded October 15, 1986, designs and manufactures precision biophysical instruments for evaluating the thermal comfort of textiles, garments, protective apparel, seats, beds, and dynamic thermal environments such as aircraft, truck, and automobile interiors. Our company’s growth into the thermal comfort testing industry began in 1988, with delivery of a Thermal Hand manikin system to USARIEM (United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine) which was used to test gloves and protective handwear for soldiers. This project not only helped USARIEM advance the science of soldier protection, it also launched Measurement Technology NW into the thermal comfort test equipment business. 

Expertise gained through the development of the Thermal Hand manikin allowed MTNW to win research contracts for other thermal comfort testing equipment and, as they say, the rest is history:

  • 1988 – Thermal Hand Manikin
  • 1994 – Guarded Hotplate System
  • 1996 – “Bo” Heat Pipe Thermal Manikin
  • 1999 – “Newton” Articulated Thermal Manikin
  • 2001 – “ADAM” 120-zone Sweating Thermal Manikin
  • 2005 – “NEMO” Submersible Thermal Manikin
  • 2006 – “HVAC” Automotive Manikin System
  • 2011 – Flame Test Manikin System
  • Next – IPEMS Robotic Thermal Manikin 

Since 1986 Measurement Technology NW has installed over 250 manikin and hotplate systems, making us the industry’s most experienced source for advanced thermal testing equipment – now and for the next 25 years to come!