Simon Manikin

The “SIMON” thermal manikin system was built in accordance with ASTM and ISO standards including EN 13537 to meet the product evaluation needs of sleeping bag manufacturers and research/testing institutes.

Simplified construction and modular control electronics have helped to lower costs while retaining the advanced features that have made Thermetrics thermal manikins the industry standard.

SIMON is constructed of a thermally conductive carbon-epoxy shell with embedded heating and sensor wire elements. Jointed at the hips and shoulders only, and with simplified hands and feet, the 13-zone SIMON manikin is an excellent tool for general product testing.

  • Complete turn-key system for sleeping bag and environmental testing
  • 13-zone carbon-fiber/epoxy composite construction
  • 50th Percentile Western male body form
  • Jointed at the shoulders and hips only. Hands and feet are also simplified for greater production efficiencies and lower overall cost
  • Hidden hanging hook at top of head provides an attachment point for support, when needed
  • System includes a PC computer and ThermDAC control software