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Simulate the human metabolism while sleeping, resting, working, or exercising

ManikinPC (Manikin Physiology Control and Predictive Comfort) software is a closed-loop feedback control package that accurately mimics the human thermoregulatory system and provides metrics for comfort and sensation. The software permits variable activity levels that simulates the human metabolism while sleeping, resting, working, or exercising. Any level of activity can be input and appropriate metabolic wattages will be imposed onto the manikin.


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ManikinPC computes the thermal state of a simulated human. This includes real-time prediction of core-temperature, shivering rate, perspiration rate, and average skin temperature. These human-based metrics can be key indicators of the effectiveness and safety of personal protective equipment such as fire protective suits. Experimental protocols can be developed to predict safe work exposure durations in extreme conditions and/or high work loads. ManikinPC can be used to estimate human thermal sensation and comfort in a variety of garment and environmental scenarios. The thermal sensation/comfort function is based on the research of Dr. Hui Zhang and U.C. Berkeley.

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