American Innovators Highlights our ANDI Manikin at Arizona State University

A recent episode of “Made in America: American Innovators” showcased the vital heat research happening at Arizona State University to reduce heat-related injuries and deaths.
And featured prominently was none other than our very own ANDI thermal manikin.

Come take a look at how one of the top-ranked universities in pursuit of UN sustainability goals is partnering ANDI with their own biometeorological tools to develop novel heat mitigation solutions.
Watch ANDI in the desert.
The work happening at ASU is a great example of how Thermetrics’ systems can complement and enhance your current or future testing endeavors.
We welcome your creative ideas for taking our systems to new heights! At Thermetrics, anything is possible (well, almost anything). If you dream it, we can build it.
Reach out and let’s discuss the possibilities.