Manikin Whisperers

There are “dog people”, and there are “cat people”.  You know who they are.  You might even be one.  But did you know that there are also “manikin people”?  It’s true that our thermal manikins warm up to and work well with everyone, but some people seem to make a special connection – an immediate, unspoken bond.  A manikin whisperer, so to speak.

Thermal manikins are shy by nature.  They prefer to work quietly behind the scenes and they’re always quick to give the credit and attention to others.  It’s what we like about them.  But look who was the center of attention during a Thermetrics photo shoot last week!  That’s our new ANDI advanced 35-zone sweating thermal manikin, posing for the camera like a Hollywood celebrity.  Kevin the photographer knew exactly how to coax ANDI out of his carbon fiber shell, putting him at ease and bringing out his playful side, even though the two had never met before.  In fact, the photo session went so well they’re planning to shoot a video next!  Who knew ANDI could be so extroverted?  It was an eye-opening day and proof that there are manikin whisperers amongst us.  It’s possible you might be one too.