No-Contract Calibrations Now Available!

Your Thermetrics testing system is a piece of precision testing equipment, but without regular calibrations, even the best equipment can drift and produce inaccurate results. 

You’ve got the Ferrari of manikins in your hands, so it needs more than the basic oil change you’d give a Honda Civic. (No disrespect to Civics!). We recommend annual calibrations for all Thermetrics systems to ensure optimal system operation.


To that end, we’ve simplified our service offerings to help you get the calibrations that will keep your thermal system running at its optimal level.


Say Hello to our Easiest Service Options Yet!

If your Thermetrics system hasn’t been calibrated in over a year, or you’d like to get something on the calendar for post-warranty, we’ve streamlined the process with three clear options. Pick yours below:

How to Get Your Thermetrics Testing Equipment Serviced:

Step 1: Select the calibration option that works best for you. This is not one-size-fits-all.

Step 2: Email to request a quote and work with our Support Team to get on the Calibration Calendar.

Step 3: Big sigh of relief! Your finely-tuned equipment will continue to deliver the reliable data that your product development process requires.

manikin servicing

Contact us today and let’s get you calibrated!