External Breathing System

Newton’s breathing system consists of pneumatic cylinders that are cycled in and out by a linear actuator to replicate the cycle, frequency, and volume of human breathing.

  • Two pneumatic cylinders linked to a servo linear actuator replicate the cycle, frequency, and volume of human breathing
  • Cylinder volume is approximately 1.4 liters, for a total volume of 2.8 L
  • System is housed in a rugged ABS suitcase for ease of transport and storage
  • Connects to manikin with up to four air tubes for mouth, nose, or nose/mouth breathing
  • Adjustable variables include tidal volume (0.1-2.5 L), breathing rate (20-40 cycles/min.), and I:E ratio (1:5)

User-adjustable variables allow full breathing control, while our ThermDAC control system automatically monitors test inputs and adjusts the motion of the air cylinders accordingly. An innovative breathing manifold in the manikin head permits in/out breathing through the nose (left/right), mouth (top/bottom), or any nose/mouth combination. An aerosol or particulate filter can be included.

The system can be configured for heated, humidified breathing, or as a non-heated, non-humidified system with aerosol/particulate filter for air contamination research.