"Sonny" and "Timmy" Child Manikins

Thermetrics TWO Child Thermal Manikin models represent the average body dimensions of either an 8-year old child (we’ve named this one “Sonny”) or a 10-year old child (goes by the name “Timmy”). “Sonny” stands 50 inches tall (127 cm) while “Timmy” is 55” tall (140cm). Both are 15-zone, fully jointed manikin systems with optional sweating skin and walking motion capabilities.

Both “Sonny” and "Timmy” models are complete turn-key thermal manikin systems perfect for assessing the thermal properties of children's clothing, accessories, and indoor environments. Garment manufacturers and testing labs now have the ability to measure children’s clothing to the same thermal comfort standards currently used for adult garment evaluation!

Child Thermal Manikin features include:

  • 15 independent thermal zones
  • Jointed at the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Distributed sensor wire elements and ultra-stable resistance wire heating in each zone
  • Walking motion is generated by a compact motorized walking stand that also serves as a convenient dressing, hanging, and roll-around transportation device
  • Sweating skin system features a removable fabric sweating skin system with computerized volumetric fluid flow and reservoir
  • All Thermetrics manikin systems include a Dell laptop computer with our exclusive ThermDAC control software for full thermal control, real-time data display, data logging capabilities, fault detection, and diagonostics

Imagine a full featured sweating/walking "Newton" thermal manikin system, only smaller!

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