Thermetrics new Dynamic Hotplate System (DHS) is an exciting evolution in hotplate technology that—in addition to steady-state testing—allows for measurement of Rct and Ret in situations of positive or negative heat flux, and with far greater... Read more
The Sweating Guarded Hotplate, often referred to as the "skin model", produces accurate, repeatable measurements of the thermal resistance and vapor permeability of textiles in accordance with: ISO 11092 ISO 13029 ASTM F1868 NFPA 1971 EN 31092 GB/T... Read more
Our Integrated Chamber features insulated stainless steel interiors and an ergonomic design that provides operators with a comfortable working height of approximately 42" (107cm) above the floor. This compact environmental chamber for the SGHP-8.2... Read more
The GHP-8.2 and GHP-10.5 guarded hotplates are cost effective instruments designed to measure the thermal resistance of fabrics in accordance with ASTM D1518 and other standards. Accurate measurements of temperature and plate heat flux are used to... Read more
NEW! The Togmeter Test System (TOG) is designed to produce accurate, repeatable measurements of the thermal resistance of textiles and similar materials under steady-state conditions. Read more
Drying Rate Tester 200 Complies with AATCC 200 Thermetrics Drying Rate Tester 200 (DRT200) drives a vertical flow of air through a textile mounted within a clear acrylic chamber to determine the wetted fabric’s drying rate under... Read more
Drying Rate Tester 201
Drying Rate Tester 201 complies with AATCC 201 Thermetrics new Drying Rate Tester 201 (DRT201) determines the drying rate of a fabric based on the evaporative rate that occurs when a predetermined amount of water is absorbed into a... Read more