Sweating Guarded Hotplate

The Sweating Guarded Hotplate, often referred to as the "skin model", produces accurate, repeatable measurements of the thermal resistance and vapor permeability of textiles in accordance with:

The SGHP-8.2 and SGHP-10.5 systems include hotplate with variable speed airflow hood, gravity-fed fluid supply system, computer and ThermDAC control software, plus temperature and humidity probes.

SGHP systems are available with or without an integrated chamber.

  • Guarded hotplate with lateral and lower thermal guards plus integral sweating surface
  • Variable speed computer controlled air plenum hood standard
  • Fluid reservoir and supply system
  • System includes ThermDAC automatic control and data logging system
  • Two ambient temperature probes and one RH probe included
  • SGHP-8.2: 8" test plate with 2" guard, SGHP-10.5: 10" test plate with 5" guard


The system was designed to measure both Rct (thermal) and Ret (vapor) characteristics. An adjustable height airflow hood easily accommodates a variety of sample thicknesses. This 4th generation design includes PC computer with our ThermDAC automatic control and data logging system.




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